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Featured in Thinking With Portals' Map Showcase

Vestibule is a Portal 2 map designed around the idea of setting up a scenario that is activated elsewhere through the placement of portals. It has two separate puzzle chambers, each playing with the same idea in different ways.

Designing this level was more of an exercise in experimenting with the game's mechanics more than it was about trying to create a specific player experience or guiding a player to the solution. Spoiler: The first half of the map requires players to intentionally walk through a fizzler to remove their portals, allowing them to place an inactive portal underneath of a cube, which they later drop through the ceiling in another area of the level. The second half of the map requires players to use their portals to place a bridge of light over a pit so that they can later "pull the rug" on the bridge, dropping the cube into a pit.

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